Safety advice to users

We advise, for security concerns, that you do not save your user ID as allowed by Internet Explorer on the identification screen.

Go to Tools / Internet Options / Content, click on « AutoComplete » , unquote « User names and passwords on forms » and click on « Clear Passwords ».

We also advice you to click on « Clear forms » to grant your bank data safety.
Finally, for security issue, we remind you not to give your pin or user id to anyone. It is necessary, to grant your secured access to the website, that you own an up-to-date antivirus.

Stay alert !

If you receive an email inviting you to log on the bank website, to update your data, for a « security alert » inviting you to change your authentication device, you need to follow those security conditions :

This kind of message usually seems to be sent from the bank itself and contains an electronic link to a perfect replica of the bank website dedicated to capture your access codes.

Prevention advice

To be connected to the bank website and not on a fake one, input the exact address provided by the bank. It is recommended that you input by yourself the URL address of SOGECASH NET website instead of user a search engine like Google.
If you face problems during your connection to SOGECASH NET or if you think that you face a data fraud attempt, please contact us directly on the following phone number: xxxxxxxxxxxx during open hours.

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